Goshin Jujitsu

Our adult program is a reality-based system of JuJitsu built upon 15 years of research and development.  We take a modern approach to our training concepts with a curriculum that emphasizes “real-life” combat effectiveness utilizing core skills from the ancient martial arts. 

Much like learning a new language, developing the skills required to execute trained responses to a conflict situation can be fairly simple when presented in a logical and appropriate manner. Have you ever noticed how people conversing in a foreign language seem to be speaking incredibly fast and you can’t imagine understanding what is said?  Yet once you learn the language the conversation seems to slow down incredibly. In reality it is rather your rate of comprehension that has increased. This same dynamic occurs with defensive tactics training. As your comprehension and skill increases, movements that previously seemed incredibly fast or impossible to execute become increasingly easier to understand and control.

A Trained Response to conflict is what our curriculum will provide. Once the basic building blocks of techniques and skills are acquired, the program enables the student to continually build upon that foundation resulting in a realistic and useable framework of skills from which to respond in a moment of crisis.

JuJitsu trains you to effectively manage a situation in the most appropriate manner, both physically and psychologically. The ability to close the distance, execute a takedown, establish a dominant position and end the altercation through ground control, joint locks or choking techniques is taught in a learning environment that is fun and safe.

The majority of our techniques are extracted from different styles of JuJitsu. The throws and takedowns mostly come from Japanese JuJitsu.  On the ground we utilize a combination of techniques and concepts from both Brazilian and Japanese styles of JuJitsu in addition to any other skills proven to be effective in personal protection.




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